Brain -- Physiopathology

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PMID: 4082344
A review of the pathophysiology and potential application of experimental therapies for cerebral ischemia to the treatment of cerebral arterial gas embolism

This review considers the pathophysiology of air embolism that occurs as a result of diving and...


PMID: 3727183
Central nervous system oxygen toxicity in closed circuit scuba divers II

Central nervous system oxygen toxicity is currently the limiting factor in underwater swimming/...


PMID: 3686742
CNS oxygen toxicity in oxygen-inert gas mixtures

Central nervous system oxygen toxicity in hyperbaric oxygen-inert gas mixtures was studied by...


PMID: 7135636
Effects of hyperbaric oxygen on heart, brain, and lung functions in rat

Electrocardiogram (ECG), electrocorticogram (ECoG), and respiratory rate (RR) were monitored in...


PMID: 8840477
The contribution of conventional and quantitative electroencephalography during monitoring of exposure to hyperbaric oxygen

In the present study, experimental exposures to hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) were performed (30-min...

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