Brain -- Physiology

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PMID: 2929055
EEG power spectra in rats during compression and during pentobarbital infusion at pressure

The EEG of rats was studied with power spectrum analysis under compression to 71 ATA with He-O2...


PMID: 1697708
Exposure to high pressure may produce the 5-HT behavioral syndrome in rats

In addition to the motor events associated with high pressure neurologic syndrome (HPNS), we...


PMID: 6612896
Latency changes in the human somatosensory evoked potential at extreme depths

Somatosensory evoked potentials to lower limb stimulation were recorded from the three...


PMID: 878068
Visual evoked responses, EEG's and reaction time during a normoxic saturation dive, NISAT I

Three Navy divers were exposed to a normoxic breathing mixture at 7.0 ATA for seven consecutive...


PMID: 10642069
Voluntary breath holding affects spontaneous brain activity measured by magnetoencephalography

Spontaneous brain activity was measured by multichannel magnetoencephalography (MEG) during...

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