Brain -- Drug Effects

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PMID: 3576847
Anesthetic effect and distribution of infused pentobarbital in the rat at 71 ATA

The anesthetic dose requirement and distribution of 14C-labeled pentobarbital were studied in...


PMID: 3686742
CNS oxygen toxicity in oxygen-inert gas mixtures

Central nervous system oxygen toxicity in hyperbaric oxygen-inert gas mixtures was studied by...


PMID: 3839948
CNS reactions at 51 ATA on trimix and heliox and during decompression

Two groups of divers (Group A and B) were compressed to 500 msw with trimix (n = 3) and heliox (...


PMID: 7135635
Effect of high pressure on EEG burst suppression dose of thiopental in rats

The anesthetic induction dose of thiopental in rats was studied at 1 ATA air, 1 ATA helium-...


PMID: 10372430
Effect of the anti-motion-sickness medication cinnarizine on central nervous system oxygen toxicity

Severe seasickness could pose a serious problem in diving, and anti-seasickness medication...


PMID: 1697708
Exposure to high pressure may produce the 5-HT behavioral syndrome in rats

In addition to the motor events associated with high pressure neurologic syndrome (HPNS), we...


PMID: 3363754
High ambient pressure of 41 bar increases the cerebral toxicity of penicillins

Sodium benzylpenicillin, cloxacillin, and azlocillin were infused intravenously in awake rats at...


PMID: 4619860
The causes, mechanisms and prevention of the high pressure nervous syndrome 1974

PMID: 8840477
The contribution of conventional and quantitative electroencephalography during monitoring of exposure to hyperbaric oxygen

In the present study, experimental exposures to hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) were performed (30-min...

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