Brain Diseases -- Etiology

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PMID: 3727180
Blood glucose as a predictive measure for central nervous system oxygen toxicity in conscious rats

Blood glucose concentration was measured during continuous electrocorticographic (ECoG)...


PMID: 7742705
Brain computerized tomography after hyperbaric oxygen therapy for carbon monoxide poisoning

The role of brain computerized tomography (CT) imaging in predicting clinical outcome was...


PMID: 1746068
Case control study of cerebral perfusion deficits in divers using 99Tcm hexamethylpropylene amine oxime

In a preliminary report, Adkisson et al. (Lancet 1989; 2:119-121) used 99Tcm-hexamethylpropylene...


PMID: 8931282
Neurologic decompression illness: a gravity score

Treatment of neurologic decompression accidents consists of various hyperbaric oxygen (HBO)...


PMID: 9171469
Normobaric and hyperbaric oxygen treatment of acute carbon monoxide poisoning in rats

Based on a model of acute carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning in rats with an occluded left carotid...

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