Brain -- Blood Supply

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PMID: 1561717
A hydrophobic oligolamellar lining to the vascular lumen in some organs

Various endothelial surfaces from sheep and humans have been studied for their hydrophobicity...


PMID: 1355312
Cerebral blood flow distribution during exposure to 5 bar oxygen in awake rats

The regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) and cardiac output (CO) were measured in conscious rats...


PMID: 3095973
Cerebral vasoreactivity and arterial gas embolism

Compression regimens effect redistribution of entrapped cerebral arterial gas emboli by reducing...


PMID: 9068151
Reversibility in blood-brain barrier, microcirculation, and histology in rat brain after decompression

To examine the changes in blood-brain barrier (BBB), cerebral microcirculation, and histology...

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