Bradycardia -- Etiology

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PMID: 10353180
Arterial baroreflex control during mild-to-moderate nitrous oxide narcosis

We hypothesized that light-to-moderate inert gas narcosis might play a role in bradycardia in...


PMID: 3201633
Breath-hold duration in man and the diving response induced by face immersion. [erratum appears in Undersea Biomed Res 1988 Nov;15(6):preceding 403]

The objective of this study in 5 selected volunteer subjects was to see whether the circulatory...


PMID: 4071843
Diving bradycardia and breath-holding time in man

The hypothesis that the diving response, recorded as diving bradycardia during submersed breath...


PMID: 969025
Effects of increased O2-N2 pressure and breathing apparatus on respiratory function

The ventilatory response of four subjects was measured at rest and various intensities of...


PMID: 4071845
Extremes in human breath hold, facial immersion bradycardia

Although the average human response to apneic facial immersion in ice water is a reduction in...


PMID: 10897858
Heart rate and respiratory frequency in hydrostatically compressed, liquid-breathing mice

The effects of hydraulic compression on heart rate and respiratory frequency were studied in...


PMID: 601907
Hydrostatic pressure and mammalian cardiac-pacemaker function 1977
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