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PMID: 3686745
A case of delayed-onset pulmonary barotrauma in a scuba diver

A 23-yr-old male scuba diver was admitted to the hyperbaric chamber of the Polish Army Training...


PMID: 3120386
A comparison of respiratory function in divers breathing with a mouthpiece or a full face mask

A comparison was made of respiratory function in submersed divers breathing with either a...


PMID: 8000279
A histopathologic and immunocytochemical study of the spinal cord in amateur and professional divers

To clarify the influence of diving activity on the central nervous system, we studied 10 amateur...


PMID: 7633278
A modified protocol to treat early osteoradionecrosis of the mandible

Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) increases oxygen availability to hypoxic tissues thereby inducing...


PMID: 8180566
A neuropathologic study of the ependymoventricular surface in diver brains

Interference with the dynamics of cerebrospinal fluid may lead to loss of ependymal lining in...


PMID: 8989854
A new method for measuring nitrogen and gases in blood

The authors developed a new apparatus for extracting nitrogen or other inert gases from blood by...


PMID: 538859
Absence of antiarrhythmic effects of helium in patients with spontaneous premature ventricular beats at rest

Six patients with spontaneously occurring arrhythmias were studied to assess the antiarrhythmic...


PMID: 3307085
Absence of circulating PGI2 response to bubble-provoking decompression 1987

PMID: 2356589
Absence of diuresis during a 7-day saturation dive at 2.5 ATA N2-O2

Three male divers were studied for 2 days during each of the predive and postdive 1 ATA air...


PMID: 7168096
Acute oxygen toxicity in a saturation diver working in the North Sea

A commercial diver taking part in a saturation dive (O2-He) was exposed intermittently to 1.4 b...



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