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PMID: 8000279
A histopathologic and immunocytochemical study of the spinal cord in amateur and professional divers

To clarify the influence of diving activity on the central nervous system, we studied 10 amateur...


PMID: 8180566
A neuropathologic study of the ependymoventricular surface in diver brains

Interference with the dynamics of cerebrospinal fluid may lead to loss of ependymal lining in...


PMID: 4071846
Age-specific morbidity and mortality rates among U.S. Navy enlisted divers and controls

The purpose of this study was to compare age-specific hospitalization, disability, and mortality...


PMID: 6770529
Alveolar Pco2 during rest and exercise in divers and non-divers breathing O2 at 1 ATA

The extent of hypercapnia in oxygen-breathing subjects was investigated during rest and exercise...


PMID: 9566083
Arterial oxygen desaturation during apnea in humans

We studied the effect of the human diving response, defined as bradycardia and reduced...


PMID: 636072
Aseptic bone necrosis among U.S. Navy divers: survey of 934 nonrandomly selected personnel

Nine hundred thirty-four U.S. Navy divers were selected and surveyed radiographically using...


PMID: 8000278
Assessment of visual contrast sensitivity in hyperbaric oxygen

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used in ophthalmology in ischemic pathologies of the anterior and...


PMID: 505625
Attitude changes during and after long submarine missions

To assess the kind and degree of attitude changes occurring during a 2-month submerged mission,...


PMID: 2108518
Behavioral effects of increased CO2 load in divers

The behavioral effects of elevated PACO2 were examined to clarify risks due to CO2 retention in...


PMID: 7742705
Brain computerized tomography after hyperbaric oxygen therapy for carbon monoxide poisoning

The role of brain computerized tomography (CT) imaging in predicting clinical outcome was...



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