Adenosine Diphosphate -- Pharmacology

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PMID: 8392414
Bubble-induced aggregation of platelets: effects of gas species, proteins, and decompression

We show that bubbles containing different gases (N2, He, Ne, Ar, or an O2-CO2-N2 mixture) are...


PMID: 3085303
Effects of high pressure on platelet aggregation in vitro. [erratum appears in Undersea Biomed Res 1987 Jan;14(1):preceding 1]

An apparatus which enables aggregating agents to be added to a stirred suspension of platelets...


PMID: 3022436
Effects of platelet antagonists on the reduction in platelet density caused by microbubbles in vitro. [erratum appears in Undersea Biomed Res 1987 Mar;14(2):preceding 279]

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) was stirred and incubated at 37 degrees C with N2 microbubbles in...


PMID: 2603242
Induction of platelet aggregation in vitro by microbubbles of nitrogen

Microbubbles of nitrogen gas act as a platelet agonist, but the biochemical mechanisms involved...


PMID: 9883491
Platelet aggregation and release function in hyperbaric oxygenation

The aim of the study was to investigate the acute and chronic effects of hyperoxygenation on...


PMID: 15622736
Supportive evidence for altered platelet function in the dived rat

A study was conducted on the changes in platelet function and platelet count in the Sprague-...

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