Adaptation, Physiological

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PMID: 2678665
Adaptations to deep breath-hold diving: respiratory and circulatory mechanics

Respiration and circulation in diving mammals are characterized by interrelated adaptations of...


PMID: 6535315
Decompression from a deep nitrogen/oxygen saturation dive--a case report

Ten divers participated in a 4.5 d nitrogen/oxygen saturation dive to 165 fsw. There were daily...


PMID: 7742709
Dissociation of the behavioral and subjective components of nitrogen narcosis and diver adaptation

We investigated adaptation to nitrogen narcosis by compressing 11 highly experienced divers in a...


PMID: 15622739
Diver performance: the effect of cold

Fifteen divers performed five tasks in water of temperatures 20 degrees C and 5 degrees C, using...


PMID: 2741255
Effect of brief, repeated hyperbaric exposures on susceptibility to nitrogen narcosis

We investigated the effect of brief, repetitive exposures to 5.5 ATA (148 fsw) in a hyperbaric...


PMID: 951829
Exercise tolerance at 4 and 6 ATA

Seven normal male subjects performed 5-min bicycle exercise ranging from 50-100% maximum oxygen...


PMID: 910314
Hana Kai II: a 17-day dry saturation dive at 18.6 ATA. I. Objectives, design, and scope

The dive (Hana Kai II) described in these papers was designed to determine the effects on man of...


PMID: 2316058
Hormonal and cardiorespiratory changes following simulated saturation dives to 4 and 11 ATA

Professional divers were compressed with trimix to 4 ATA (2 persons, aged 35 and 26) and to 11...


PMID: 969024
Longitudinal study of performance after deep compressions with heliox and He-N2-O2

This study concerns three hyperbaric experiments. During SAGITTAIRE iv, compression to 610 msw...


PMID: 4469190
Modification of operant performance in pigeons by increased pressures of nitrogen and helium 1974


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