Acid-Base Equilibrium

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PMID: 3107189
Blood-gas transport in awake rabbits exposed to normobaric hyperoxia

The time course and terminal effects of normobaric oxygen exposure on the gas transport chain...


PMID: 505630
Calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus metabolism, and parathyroid-calcitonin function during prolonged exposure to elevated CO2 concentrations on submarines

Studies of calcium and phosphorus metabolism and acid-base balance were carried out on three...


PMID: 41351
CO2-induced kidney calcification

Light microscopic examination of kidney tissue of guinea pigs exposed to 1.5% CO2, 21% O2, and...


PMID: 3227578
Effect of 5 bar oxygen on cardiac output and organ blood flow in conscious rats

The distribution of cardiac output (CO) was studied in conscious rats during hyperbaric oxygen (...


PMID: 505622
Physiological stresses related to hypercapnia during patrols on submarines

Physiological studies on hypercapnic effects carried out on 13 Polaris patrols are summarized....

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