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PMID: 1887518
High altitude dives from 7000 to 14,200 feet in the Himalayas

Indian Navy divers carried out no-decompression dives at altitudes of 7000 to 14,200 ft (2134-...


PMID: 8000285
High altitude dives in the Nepali Himalaya

British divers undertook no-stop decompression dives at altitudes of 15,700 and 16,000 ft (4,785...


PMID: 3629738
Human vascular fluid responses to cold stress are not altered by cold acclimation

Repeated cold water immersion can induce the development of an insulative type of cold...


PMID: 3388627
Respiratory and cardiovascular responses to cold stress following repeated cold water immersion

The effects of cold acclimation (CA) on the cardiorespiratory responses to cold air and water...

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