Starting Physician's Assistant Training Program at Duke University - Internal Correspondence: Stead to Frenzel

Unique ID: PA-0142
Date: April 21, 1964
Description: A 1964 letter from Eugene A. Stead, Jr. to Charles H. Frenzel at Duke Hospital expressing desire to meet to discuss establishing an educational program to train physician's assistants.  Dr. Stead writes "During the next ten years I would like to have a hand in training men to be physician's assistants."  His vision is to provide the students "one year of training in a physician-directed area in the Medical Center and one year of experience in a community hospital.  He would be licensed by an appropriate change in the Medical Practice Act."  Dr. Stead provides a brief description of the role of PAs in making home visits, working in the office and in the hospital. Language: English
Location: Eugene A. Stead papers
Rights: Courtesy of the Duke University Medical Center Archives
Timeline Period: PA Ideological Era (1961-1965)


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