Starting Physician's Assistant Training Program at Duke University - 1964 Correspondence: Stead to Finkelstein and Stead to Ballentine

Unique ID: PA-0143 Date: 1964
Description: Letters from Eugene A. Stead, Jr. dated August 18, 1964, to Dr. Elliot Finkelstein, US Public Health Service and September 24, 1964 to Mr. Robert L. Ballentine, US Department of Labor.  After stating his intentions to train PAs, Stead asks Finkelstein who heads the Neurological and Sensory Disease Service Program, US Public Health Services, if the "neurological group" have any interest in the program, especially if PAs can be trained to care for stroke victims.  His letter to Ballentine stresses the need for PAs to meet growing demands.  "The economic potential for physician-assistants is good.  They will be immediately used by all segments of the medical profession and will make an immediate contribution to general medical care."  Stead finishes his letter by asking if "the Manpower Development Act can offer financial support for such a project." Language: English
Location: Eugene A. Stead papers
Rights: Courtesy of the Duke University Medical Center Archives
Timeline Period: PA Ideological Era (1961-1965)


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