Undersea Biomedical Research

The Undersea Biomedical Research journal was published by the Undersea Medical Society, Inc. (now the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society) quarterly from 1974 to 1992 when the name changed to the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Journal.
"Papers submitted for Undersea Baromedical Research must deal with significant new research in some area related to biological phenomena as influenced by the undersea environment. Articles may include an adequate review of the literature so as to develop a rationale for the reported research. Reports of major contributions (theses and other large investigations) will be considered; they may even be published as supplements to the regular issues. Articles on original methods or techniques and theoretical papers will also be considered. Undersea Baromedical Research is abstracted and/ or indexed in Chemical Abstracts Service, Excerpta Medica, Oceanic Abstracts, BioScience Information Service of Biological Abstracts, and Phychological Abstracts.
The Society endorses the principles embodied in the Declaration of Helsinki and expects that all investigations involving man reported in its journal will have been conducted in conformity with these principles. The Society expects that the 'Guiding Principles in the Care and Use of Animals' will have been observed in all animal experimentation reported in its journal." -quoted from UBR journal description.
This work was completed in cooperation with Global Underwater Explorers.

Undersea Biomedical Research

Item ID Title/Description Date

PMID: 2321321
A "Certificate of Added Qualifications" by the American Board of Preventive Medicine 1990

PMID: 3554691
A brief review: liquid ventilation

The liquid-filled lung preparation has provided physiologists with a unique technique for...


PMID: 3686745
A case of delayed-onset pulmonary barotrauma in a scuba diver

A 23-yr-old male scuba diver was admitted to the hyperbaric chamber of the Polish Army Training...


PMID: 2021021
A chamber system for maintaining a hyperbaric environment for long-term animal studies

An experimental hyperbaric chamber system is described whereby animals, including nonhuman...


PMID: 3120386
A comparison of respiratory function in divers breathing with a mouthpiece or a full face mask

A comparison was made of respiratory function in submersed divers breathing with either a...


PMID: 951821
A fluorocarbon emulsion with a high solubility for CO2

A stable emulsion can be prepared by subjecting a mixture of 30% (by volume) FC-80 fluorocarbon...


PMID: 1561717
A hydrophobic oligolamellar lining to the vascular lumen in some organs

Various endothelial surfaces from sheep and humans have been studied for their hydrophobicity...


PMID: 878073
A method for measurement of the bubble formation threshold in biological liquids

Liquid under pressure is saturated with a given gas, such as argon, nitrogen, or air, by...


PMID: 3775967
A method for production of N2 microbubbles in platelet-rich plasma in an aggregometer-like apparatus, and effect on the platelet density in vitro. [erratum appears in Undersea Biomed Res 1987 Mar;14(2):preceding 279]

The mechanisms involved in the interactions between microgasbubbles and platelets are not clear...


PMID: 7324256
A pilot study of skin disinfection in the hyperbaric environment

An opportunity was taken to carry out a pilot on human skin disinfection during a recent long-...



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