PA Incorporation Era (1981-1990)

PA Incorporation Era (1981-1990)

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All about Physician Assistants

This 10 minute slide and sound presentation was produced in April 1981 by the AAPA Public...

April, 1981

American Nurses' Association agrees to meet with NCCPA regarding liaison functions - Correspondence: Steel to Casey

The ANA agrees not to make a final decision on whether to end their liaison with the NCCPA, but...

October 12, 1983

American Nurses' Association discontinues liaison with NCCPA - Correspondence: Hirsch to Glazer

In this letter, Irma Lou Hirsch of the ANA politely informs the NCCPA that "the cabinet voted to...

May 26, 1983

Announcement of the 1981 Recertification Examination

This is an announcement of the recertification examination administered by the National...


Association of physician assistant programs western regional resolution

This resolution states that "the Association of Physician Assistant Programs (APAP) adopt a...

August 11, 1987

Field Test of the Proficiency Examination in Surgery

In 1979, the American College of Surgeons (ACS) provided NCCPA $21,481 for the experimental...

February 25, 1981

Legislative fact sheet for Medicare (part B) coverage of physician assistant services

This document lists relevant legislation involving Medicare Part B coverage for physician...

October 4, 1985

National Certification of Surgeon's Assistants - Correspondence: Zintel and Glazer

Dr. Zintel, Director, Department of Special Educational Projects, American College of Surgeons,...

September 14, 1981

National Certifying Examination for Primary Care PAs

This announcement produced by the National Commission indicates that the National Certifying...

May, 1981

NCCPA asks the American Nurses' Association to reconsider - Correspondence: NCCPA to Steel

In this letter, the NCCPA executive committee asks the American Nurses' Association to...

June 7, 1983


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