PA Evaluation and Standardization Era (1973-1980)

PA Evaluation and Standardization Era (1973-1980)

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AAPA asks the National Commission on Certification of Physicians Assistants to allow surgeon's assistants to take the certification exam - Correspondence: Godkins to Glazer

In this letter, Godkins explains the Academy's endorsement of the "generic" PA, and asks that...

August 11, 1975

AAPA house of delegates guidelines for resolutions, format, timetable for submission, and processing.

These guidelines include examples on how to use the "whereas" and "resolved" clauses, the 45 day...


AAPA House of delegates memo

This memo from Bill Hughes, acting speaker of the AAPA house of delegates, outlines the rules...

December 15, 1976

AAPA house of delegates standing rules

A copy of the standing rules of the house enacted by the AAPA house of delegates.


AAPA Newsletter with Attached Student Newsletter

AAPA newsletter distributed in August 1973 with attached Student Newsletter dated August 14 1973...

August, 1973

AAPA/NCCPA Liaison Committee

This is the minutes of the first AAPA/NCCPA Liaison Committee held Oct 9, 1979 at the Atlanta...

October 9, 1979

Academy and College Merger Proposal - Correspondence: TR Godkins and G Gilreath

Letter sent from Mr. Godkins, president of the American Academy of Physician's Assistants, to Mr...

February 26, 1973

Accreditation - Correspondence: Ruhe to Sadler

Copy of letter sent by William Ruhe acknowledging Dr. Sadler's letter suggesting "the expansion...

March 26, 1973

Accreditation Inquiries - Association of Physician Assistant Programs, January 1973 - Correspondence: Sadler and Proffitt

In his memorandum to member programs of the APAP, Dr. Alfred M. Sadler attaches a letter from Dr...

January 15, 1973

ACPA clarification of 11/24/1972 letter - Correspondence: Snell to colleagues.

As was indicated in a previous letter to the AAPA, Roy Snell writes a letter of clarification...

January 12, 1973


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