Protection against high-pressure oxygen seizures by amino-oxyacetic acid

PubMed Citation: 705942
Abstract: A variety of autonomic blocking agents, general anesthetics, and anticonvulsants have been shown to offer protection from seizures caused by hyperbaric oxygen. Amino-oxyacetic acid (AOAA) has been shown to offer rats only minimal protection from such seizures. This study investigated whether AOAA protected cats and mice from hyperbaric-oxygen-induced seizures. Cats and mice were exposed to 100% oxygen at 5 ATA until seizures occurred or for a period of up to 60 min. Approximately half of the animals were pretreated with AOAA either 30 or 240 min before oxygen exposure. Results showed that the interval between exposure and grand mal seizures increased significantly in cats pretreated 30 or 240 min before exposure with 17 to 25 mg/kg AOAA; the number of cats remaining seizure-free for 60 min also increased markedly. However, mice received little protection even at doses up to 40 mg/kg. At higher doses the AOAA itself caused seizures even in the absence of hyperbaric oxygen.
Journal Issue & Number: Undersea Biomedical Research 5(3), 253-7. (1978)
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