Hyperbaric training grants [Duke University] - Correspondence: Satlzman to Woodhall, et.al.

Unique ID: PA-0301
Date: March 15, 1965
Description: This letter from Dr. Herbert A. Saltzman, director of Hyperbaric Medicine, Duke University dated March 15, 1965 to Dr. Woodhall and other Duke Administrators indicates that "both" hyperbaric training grants were approved by the National Heart Institute" to become active on July 1, 1965.  One grant will underwrite the cost of training hyperbaric chamber technicians and physician's assistants.  An attached letter dated March 22, 1965 from Dr. Woodhall dated March 22, 1965 congratulates Dr. Saltzman for receiving his grants. Language: English
Location: William G. Anlyan papers
Rights: Courtesy of the Duke University Medical Center Archives
Timeline Period: PA Ideological Era (1961-1965)


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