Health Manpower Issues - Dr. Eugene Stead

Unique ID: PA-0159 Date: July 26, 1967
Description: According to cover letter dated July 26, 1967 from Harry Becker, this attached transcript is from a panel discussion on which Dr. Stead participated at "our last spring's health conference."  Dr. Stead is asked to edit his comments for publication.  The transcript provides a good overview of Dr. Stead's thinking at the time about health manpower issues, the role of educational institutions in addressing need for clinical training of manpower, and Duke University's attempts to train clinical support personnel including physician's assistants.  He justifies the use of ex-military corpsmen rather than nurses to assist doctors. Language: English
Location: Eugene A. Stead papers
Rights: Courtesy of the Duke University Medical Center Archives
Timeline Period: PA Implementation Era (1966-1972)


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