Future role of the physician's assistant

Unique ID: PA-0293
  • American Society of Internal Medicine
Date: October, 1970
Description: This article written by Frank Riddick, Jr. MD, chairman of the ASIM's Allied Health Professionals Committee, appeared in the October issue of The Internist published by the American Society of Internal Medicine.  Dr. Riddick states that legislation will ultimately define the role and scope of practice of physician's assistants.  He predicts hospitals will use PAs for house staff coverage but is concerned that "they will run some risk unless clear-cut lines of responsibility and accountability are established, as the physician's assistant will be trained as a dependent health worker, ideally supervised by a single superior."  He felt that the PA salary of $14,000-$18,000 would be out of range for small practices unless they were in remote areas, had uncomfortably large practice loads, or were willing to pay the increased overhead in hopes of obtaining increased leisure and study time. Language: English
Location: PA Program records
Rights: Courtesy of the Duke University Medical Center Archives
Timeline Period: PA Implementation Era (1966-1972)


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