Current status of the "physician's assistant"

Unique ID: PA-0025
  • American Medical Association
Date: January, 1972
Description: Article from the American Medical Association information bulletin January 1972, describing the development of accreditation essentials for different types of physician assistants being trained at different levels of responsibility across a wide range of medical fields.  A list of educational programs is provided categorized into (1) operational programs to train assistants to the primary care physicians, (2) operational programs to train assistants for a specialty, (3) operational programs to train assistants for primary care and/or specialty physicians, (4) federal programs, and (5) programs in development.  The appendix provides sources of information.  At the time the bulletin was issued, the AMA had not approved any programs listed for accreditation. Language: English
Location: PA Program records - Miscellaneous Correspondence and Subject Files, 1970-1974
Rights: Courtesy of the Duke University Medical Center Archives
Timeline Period: PA Implementation Era (1966-1972)


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