Vorosmarti, J., Jr.

Item ID Title/Description Date

PMID: 2321321
A "Certificate of Added Qualifications" by the American Board of Preventive Medicine 1990

PMID: 538862
Influence of increased gas density and external resistance on maximum expiratory flow

The effect of external resistance on the relationship of expiratory air flow and intrathoracic...


PMID: 705941
Nitrogen elimination during steady-state hyperbaric exposures

Nitrogen elimination was measured in six divers during steady-state exposures in an oxygen-...


PMID: 675878
Reduction of the incidence of decompression sickness in rats by smooth-muscle activating factor (SMAF)

Normal rats were injected with a smooth-muscle activating factor (SMAF) to examine the dose-...


PMID: 2288045
Transient osteoporosis of the hip 1990
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