Vann, R. D.

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PMID: 8286983
Absence of intravascular bubble nucleation in dead rats

Bubble formation in the inferior vena cavae (IVC) of dead rats was investigated after 6-15-h...


PMID: 4035817
Air and nitrox saturation decompression: a report of 4 schedules and 77 subjects

Seventy-seven subjects were decompressed from air or nitrogen-oxygen (nitrox) saturation...


PMID: 8574124
Ascent rate, post-dive exercise, and decompression sickness in the rat

The effects of ascent rate and post-dive exercise on the incidence of decompression sickness (...


PMID: 15622738
Bubble growth and mechanical properties of tissue in decompression

A survey of decompression literature leads to the conclusion that when tissue is subjected to...


PMID: 6535315
Decompression from a deep nitrogen/oxygen saturation dive--a case report

Ten divers participated in a 4.5 d nitrogen/oxygen saturation dive to 165 fsw. There were daily...


PMID: 6535313
Decompression induced nitrogen elimination

A method for measuring nitrogen elimination after air diving has been developed in which a...


PMID: 7404848
Evidence for gas nuclei in decompressed rats

In vitro and in vivo studies have shown that pressure treatment before decompression reduces...


PMID: 9444059
Probabilistic gas and bubble dynamics models of decompression sickness occurrence in air and nitrogen-oxygen diving

Probabilistic models of the occurrence of decompression sickness (DCS) with instantaneous risk...


PMID: 1887517
Venous gas emboli and complement activation after deep repetitive air diving

Complement activity has been linked to decompression sickness (DCS), but the effects of...

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