van Liew, H. D.

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PMID: 8653060
Breathing a mixture of inert gases: disproportionate diffusion into decompression bubbles

To study the consequences of diving with gas mixtures, we simulated growth of decompression...


PMID: 3629741
Components of the pressure required to breathe dense gases

To elucidate the impact of high gas density on airway flow (during inspiration and expiration)...


PMID: 524527
Diffusion-dependence of pulmonary gas mixing at 5.5 and 9.5 ATA

Gas-phase diffusivity is inversely proportional to pressure, so mixing of inspired gas in the...


PMID: 6794207
Effectiveness of a breath during exercise in a hyperbaric environment

During vigorous foot-pedal exercise at 6.75 ATA, three subjects had lower total ventilation,...


PMID: 6812252
Estimation of gas-phase diffusivities in hyperbaric environments

Diffusion of a particular gas in a mixture of three or more gases depends on diffusion...


PMID: 6636348
Mechanical and physical factors in lung function during work in dense environments

The major effects of breathing dense gas during physical exercise in hyperbaric environments can...


PMID: 1887520
Simulation of the dynamics of decompression sickness bubbles and the generation of new bubbles

This communication introduces a system of equations for simulating the dynamics of growth and...


PMID: 8989853
Testing of hypotheses about altitude decompression sickness by statistical analyses

This communication extends a statistical analysis of forced-descent decompression sickness at...


PMID: 3576845
The electrical-respiratory analogy when gas density is high

The respiratory system can be considered analogous to a remarkably simple alternating-current...

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