Kang, J. F.

Item ID Title/Description Date

PMID: 1561720
Delayed occurrence of dysbaric osteonecrosis: 17 cases 1992

PMID: 2396333
Distribution of lesions in the head and neck of the humerus and the femur in dysbaric osteonecrosis

In a prospective investigation of 164 cases of dysbaric osteonecrosis out of a total of 1269...


PMID: 2021023
Ethanol treatment for acute decompression sickness 1991

PMID: 2773158
Ethanol treatment for acute decompression sickness in rabbits. [see comment]

Rabbits developed acute decompression sickness after staying at 6 ATA for 30 min followed by...


PMID: 2288044
Use of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of dysbaric osteonecrosis

Comparisons between x-ray and B-mode ultrasonic examinations were carried out in 32 divers in...

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