Gardette-Chauffour, M. C.

Item ID Title/Description Date

PMID: 3212843
Effects of a H2-He-O2 mixture on the HPNS up to 450 msw

A H2-He-O2 mixture with 54 to 56% hydrogen was studied with 6 subjects (professional divers)...


PMID: 7404853
HPNS during rapid compressions of men breathing He-O2 and He-N2-O2 at 300 m and 180 m 1980

PMID: 2021018
Sleep organization in man during long stays at 30 and 40 bar in a helium-oxygen mixture

Sleep organization was studied during 5 dives with long holds (from 6 to 15 days) at 30 and 40...

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