Fothergill, D. M.

Item ID Title/Description Date

PMID: 9171468
Diver respiratory responses to a tunable closed-circuit breathing apparatus

Respiratory impedance of closed-circuit underwater breathing apparatus (UBA) is comprised of...


PMID: 1902340
Effects of CO2 and N2 partial pressures on cognitive and psychomotor performance

This study examined N2 and CO2 components of narcosis by comparing the effects of three levels...


PMID: 9566081
Physiologic and perceptual responses to hypercarbia during warm- and cold-water immersion

Thermoregulatory, respiratory, and perceptual responses to acute CO2 exposure during light...


PMID: 11732884
Recreational scuba divers' aversion to low-frequency underwater sound

Increasing use of active low-frequency sonar by submarines and ships raises the risk of...

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