Flynn, E. T., Jr.

Item ID Title/Description Date

PMID: 6181599
Adjuvant drug therapy for decompression sickness: a review 1982

PMID: 3810987
Compression pain in a diver with intraosseous pneumatocysts

A 30-yr-old diver experienced pain in the area of the sacroiliac joint during the descent phase...


PMID: 3576843
Effects of He-O2 breathing during experimental decompression sickness following air dives

The effects of ventilation with He-O2 during decompression sickness (DCS) and venous air...


PMID: 3810986
Pain-only decompression sickness affecting the orbicularis oculi

A case is reported of a diver who experienced the onset of pain in the left orbicularis oculi...

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