Flynn, E. T.

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PMID: 2219552
Atmosphere contamination following repainting of a human hyperbaric chamber complex

The Naval Medical Research Institute currently conducts hyperbaric research in a Man-Rated...


PMID: 3067433
Central nervous system decompression sickness: latency of 1070 human cases

Many aspects of central nervous system (CNS) decompression sickness (DCS) are poorly understood...


PMID: 1595138
Comparison of two recompression profiles in treating experimental cerebral air embolism

The standard treatment for cerebral arterial gas embolism (CAGE) is an initial recompression to...


PMID: 8286982
Complement activation during saturation diving

In this study, the levels of activated complement fragments C3a and C5a were measured on 11 U.S...


PMID: 675881
Development of unlimited duration excursion tables and procedures for helium-oxygen saturation diving

Excursion ascents were performed during a series of experimental helium-oxygen saturation dives...


PMID: 2932833
Doppler bubble detection and decompression sickness: a prospective clinical trial

Decompression sickness in human beings exposed to high ambient pressure is thought to follow...


PMID: 1304668
Effects of an increased PO2 during recompression therapy for the treatment of experimental cerebral arterial gas embolism

In this study we investigated the efficacy of an initial compression to 6 atm abs on a 53%...


PMID: 3227575
Experimental determination of latency, severity, and outcome in CNS decompression sickness

Twenty-eight dogs underwent a 300 fsw chamber dive designed to generate spinal cord...


PMID: 3629744
Failure of heparin, superoxide dismutase, and catalase to protect against decompression sickness

The effects of heparin (HEP), superoxide dismutase (SOD), and catalase (CAT) on the course of...


PMID: 2820102
Hormonal changes during decompression sickness

Changes in plasma hormone levels were studied in anesthetized dogs during decompression sickness...



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