Ackerman, M. J.

Item ID Title/Description Date

PMID: 10897863
Brain stimulation in rats exposed to hyperbaric environments

Six rats were trained to make an operant response to receive brief trains of electrical current...


PMID: 1226588
Calculation of the relative speed of sound in a gas mixture

Since the frequency spectrum of a voice signal is directly dependent on the velocity of sound,...


PMID: 6310841
Failure of naloxone or beta-endorphin to affect pressure-induced tremor in guinea pig

Naloxone in doses up to 2 mg/kg and beta-endorphin in doses up to 1 mg/kg had no suppressive...


PMID: 636079
Quantification of high pressure nervous syndrome (HPNS) tremor in the guinea pig

Previous studies have demonstrated two tremorgenic systems that involve separate brain...


PMID: 705947
System for the passive measurement and analysis of high pressure nervous syndrome tremor in animals 1978

PMID: 734801
Tremor power spectra in guinea pigs: effect of intermediate holding pressure 1978
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