Aanderud, L.

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PMID: 7268941
A system for pharmacological studies in small animals at high pressure

A four-liter pressure chamber was constructed for pharmacological experiments in rats; it...


PMID: 3576847
Anesthetic effect and distribution of infused pentobarbital in the rat at 71 ATA

The anesthetic dose requirement and distribution of 14C-labeled pentobarbital were studied in...


PMID: 2929055
EEG power spectra in rats during compression and during pentobarbital infusion at pressure

The EEG of rats was studied with power spectrum analysis under compression to 71 ATA with He-O2...


PMID: 7135635
Effect of high pressure on EEG burst suppression dose of thiopental in rats

The anesthetic induction dose of thiopental in rats was studied at 1 ATA air, 1 ATA helium-...


PMID: 6636344
Pharmacokinetics of antipyrine, paracetamol, and morphine in rat at 71 ATA

The pharmacokinetics of [14C]antipyrine, [3H]paracetamol, and [3H]morphine were studied in male...


PMID: 2500763
Respiratory depression by analgesics at 41 bar

The effects of morphine and fentanyl on respiration and tissue CO2 measured transcutaneously...


PMID: 2437681
The effect of high pressure on the kinetics of monoamine transmitters in the rat brain

The effects of 71 ATA pressure on the turnover of serotonin (5-HT), noradrenaline (NA), and...


PMID: 4035818
Tissue distribution of penicillin during constant rate infusion in rats at 71 ATA

Benzyl [14C] penicillin was infused at a constant rate of 100 mg X kg-1 X h-1 for 90 min in rats...


PMID: 3368995
Transcutaneous measurement of PCO2 at high ambient pressure (41 bar)

The accuracy of transcutaneous CO2 monitoring with the Kontron CO2 sensor was studied during...

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