Sir William Osler to Wilburt C. Davison


1st April 1919
Dear Davison,
We were delighted to have your letter this morning: I am so glad you have got settled. How nice it will be for you both to have a little flat and a home.
A good many changes here - Dryer[sic] has come back, bringing two Americans to work for a year at some Air problems. Bassett, whom I daresay you may remember, has come in with Sherrington, and is to have a Course in Clinical Human

Physiology for a group of men who are staying up for Pathology and Pharmacology. He will take them in the use of physiological apparatus as applied to the study of disease. I will send you the scheme of the Course, which I think should be helpful.
We have ha a pretty steady stream of fellows for the past few months. To-morrow Bobbie Emmons comes with Sallie and his sister; he has not been at all well, and I am afraid there's a good deal of

tragedy in the family.
Love to you both: my greetings to Howland.
Sincerely yours,

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  • April 1, 1919 letter from Sir William Osler to Wilburt Davison mentioning the situation of several mutual friends.
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  • osler81a-b-82
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Archival collection
  • Wilburt Cornell Davison Papers, 1881-1972 (MC.0010)
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