Sir William Osler to Wilburt C. Davison


1916 Dec. 8th
Dear Davison
Yours of 23rd this a.m. All goes well here, but I have been away too much. This CAMC info now has been very unpleasant. Poor Gorrell was accused of graft. The Comm. has cleared him. Miss Campbell was treated very badly & transferred to Buxton[?] - altogether it has been a horrid business. The new regime will settle things. I could get places for other recent graduates - 6 mos. service. I will get on

the ofic.[?] statement from Blenkinship[?].
They[?] are sure to keep you in Path. - great opportunity. They will need plenty of young fellows in the new Institute. Tell Penfield his accident papers from the State Dept. dated Sept. came yesterday. I will attend to it at once. Revere is on the Ancre, very full of work but writes happily. I sent you a little[?] book for Xmas. Holman is doing well. [Mac ?]. [ ]! [Nurses overworked ?].
My love to the L. of your L.
Wm Osler

W. C. Davison
923 N Broadway [strikethrough]
Baltimore Md. U.S.A [strikethrough]
29 7th Avenue
Brooklyn N.Y
from Prof Osler

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  • December 8, 1916 letter from Sir William Osler to Wilburt Davison providing him with general updates.
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  • Wilburt Cornell Davison Papers, 1881-1972 (MC.0010)
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