Duke University School of Medicine faculty and Duke Hospital staff in the Duke Hospital amphitheater

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  • Duke faculty and hospital staff in the amphitheater. (Left to right, Row 1) Watt Eagle, Mary Poston, Julian Ruffin, Nell Paschall, Lillie Pladman, Mary Stokes. (Row 2) Durena Wetmore, Carrie Sykes, Annie H. Campbell, Lillian Trevathan, Susan Whitfield, Carl Rogers, Hoyle Craig, Johnny Campbell, Carl Bishop. (Row 3) Frederick Bernheim, Abion Spain, W.C. Davison, Herman Harrell, Robert Reeves, Deryl Hart, Preston Smith, Mercer Morgan, Earl Jones, James Bass, Walter Brown, Reba Hobgood, Lillian Atkins, Clara Bullard. (Row 4) David T. Smith, Susan G. Smith, Elbert Persons, Marion Batchelder, Helen Abbott, Flinton Carden, Ross Porter, Karl Letzing, Charlie Wall, Herbert Williams, Jay Arena, Elizabeth Swett, Mary H. Sniveley. (Row 5) Oscar C.E. Hansen-Pruss, Wiley Forbus, Robert A. Ross.
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