Civilian Public Service workers move a patient from the operating room table to a bed

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  • Glen Garber, Robert Seese, an anesthetist, and Wilbur Heisey move a patient from the operating room table to his bed. This work was ordinarily done by four people with an attendant on each end of a "draw sheet," an anesthetist and the head and another person at the feet. Intravenous infusions of blood, plasma or dextrose are often still running and special care was to be taken to not pull out the infusion needle. On October 27, 1942, Civilian Public Service (C.P.S.) Camp No. 61 was authorized as Duke Hospital under the direction of the department of neuropsychiatry. Under the program, conscientious objectors, known as C.P.S. workers, were assigned to assist in charting, keeping patient records, and clinical laboratory work.
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