Lady Grace R. Osler to Wilburt C. Davison


July 4th, 1919
Dear Jonah,
I feel I must tell you about Bob Emmons marriage and all the preliminaries as I am sure he will never trouble to write you. The deed is done. The marriage took place on the 2nd at the Westminster Cathedral. Thank Heaven its over. I can't really remember how far the proceedings had progressed when you left or exactly what date it was - but it seems to me years since we began to worry about this affair. Bob got away from St. Nazaire and picked Sallie up in Paris and brought her over to Southampton. As Bob had to travel on the transport they did not arrive together and Marion Emmons met the boats both boats - Bob had been ill with influenza he was a wreck on arrival - the girl was so upset & nervous she kept fainting. You can imagine what an arrival it was at The Copse and how trying for the family. Bob

was really ill and the local doctor thought he had tuberculosis. Sallie was in hysterics and furious because Mrs. Emmons would not allow her to sit on Bobs bed all the time in her dressing gown. She said she had never before heard the word "conventionality." Things were pretty hot for about 3 weeks when all got well enough to motor up here - We had a vicious week I can assure you. I gave Sally some good (?) advice and Sir William some medical advice. After that they all went to London & Dr. Somebody Smith operated on Sallie - and found most wretched conditions - from peritonitis etc. etc. Will not give details but you can imagine results of operation - very general[?] removals - but no tuberculosis found and she has had no temperature since. This was about seven weeks ago. She has had three weeks in Yorkshire then returned to London. That angel[?] Mrs. Emmons fitted her out quite charmingly with clothes - and was more than tender & kind with her. Sir William & I were the only guests at the wedding & two friends of

Bob[?] - The bride held out[?] bravely. They left the hotel in the car and are off for a prolonged motor trip. Mr. & Mrs. Emmons with Marion[?] sailed the next day on The Olympic for Bar Harbor. I forgot to tell you that Bob called up to College and did his Botany & Zoology & passed all right. They mean to come back here in October and I trust Bob is able to finish his career. The great danger is I think her not appreciating the importance of Bob having a career to interest him. Otherwise his life will be taken up in looking after her. She has absolutely no strength & certainly no knowledge of anything but amusement in life. The fact that there seems plenty of money about makes it very dangerous. Nous verrons. I shall never forget how good you and your wife were to them. We have had a wonderful term in Oxford - the place packed - & 160

American officers here - of course the Open Arms had had all doors open - and Bateman counted 1600 people having had one meal each here in 12 months. We are both very worn out and hope to get away soon to Jersey - Channel Islands where we have taken a house for six weeks. Sir William is sending for an address he gave the other day before the Classical Asso. We all expect. Dr. Mosse on Monday for a visit - he has been demobilized & back from India or somewhere hot - Viets was here the other day - fresh from Berlin - & then went back to Coblenz. He is more Oxonian than ever. We had Gen Pershing & half the American Army here last week getting[?] degrees. Sir William sends his love as I do to you both.
Always afftly
Grace R. Osler

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  • July 4, 1919 letter from Lady Grace Osler to Wilburt Davison detailing the marriage of a mutual friend.
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  • Wilburt Cornell Davison Papers, 1881-1972 (MC.0010)
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