Lady Grace R. Osler to Atala Davison


March 13th 1924
Dear Atala
I am mortified beyond words to discover that I have never thanked you for the delightful picture of the boys sent with Christmas greetings. I can't imagine how I ever could have been so neglectful. Please forgive me. He is a darling. I wonder[?] when you are coming over again. I am very grieved at being kept here

so closely. The work on the Catalogue seems endless and the Francis' are still living here. I long to be free to go to America. The winter term is just over and every one going away. Tell your husband that the Infirmary is booming but not financially alas. I am hoping Bob Emmons will get in there as a resident this summer. He and Sally are in Egypt now - I think she will spend the summer in some warm place abroad and he will come here. His interest in his work is wonderful. It is a pity

he does not have to work for his living. Sallie seems better on the whole and can do an enormous amount when amused & diverted. They hold the lease on that little place and made money on it. It was too damp there for Sallie. I stayed there last summer and was astonished at Sallie's housekeeping capacity. She is an extraordinary person. We all think her mother must have been French. I wonder if she ever told you anything about herself. Mrs

Emmons has never been able to get a word out of her about herself. She blames Sir William for her feeble condition & says she never needed an operation. I am sure "Jonah" needs to see Oxford. Send him over for a rest. My love to you both.
Grace R. Osler

Mrs. Wilburt Davison
Maryland, U.S.A

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  • March 13, 1924 letter from Lady Grace Osler to Atala Davison discussing work on Osler's library catalog and sharing information on mutual friends.
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  • Wilburt Cornell Davison Papers, 1881-1972 (MC.0010)
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