Student and Faculty Party

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  • Students and faculty of Duke University School of Medicine at the annual student faculty show, where the students put on a musical play lampooning the school and the faculty. The location for that event each year at the time was the Stallion Club, a predominantly black night club in Durham. Tom Kinney, the dean, is the white-haired individual next to Sabiston. Dr. Anlyan standing to Dr. Sabiston's left (on the right side of the photo). Mrs.Sabiston is seated next to her husband and facing the camera. The figure in front of Dr. Sabiston and out of focus is probably surgery professor Dr. Donald Silver. Toward the left rear of the photo, wearing a coat and standing back to camera, is pathology professor Bernie Fetter. Dr Roy Parker (Ob/Gyn) is to the left of and at the table behind Dr Kinney. Image possibly taken during the 1970s.
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