Lady Grace R. Osler to Wilburt C. Davison


June 6th 1926
The Open Arms
Dear Jonah
Thank you so much for sending me the clipping about the T & S Club - Isn't it splendid that it is going so well? I am proud and happy about it & rejoice you all are so pleased about it. I am pining to see it. I am so worried

about Dr. Futcher but a cable yesterday has assured me somewhat. I am glad to hear Dr. Howland is coming here. The other Howlands had an awful time with their boys so ill. Ill luck pervaded me & I was able to do nothing for Mrs Howlands pleasure. I am so glad you will be at home to welcome the Oxford & Cambridge men in the summer. A man

named Mansell will be with them as a member of the "Osler Club." He is a treasure - a tremendous worker and enthusiast. So please watch out for him. He is a great friend of John Fulton of the Peter Bent -not Marshall - in fact John is a medical student of Harvard but D. Phil - M.A.-Ba of Oxford - I think you have met him - I hope you are

all flourishing - My love to your wife
Always affection
Grace R. Osler.

Dr. W. C. Davison
Johns Hopkins Hospital
Baltimore Md U.S.A

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  • June 6, 1926 letter from Lady Grace Osler to Wilburt Davison mentioning that Dr. Howland would be visiting her and several mutual acquaintances would be visiting him.
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  • Wilburt Cornell Davison Papers, 1881-1972 (MC.0010)
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