Hospital staff with an artificial kidney machine

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  • Dr. Victor Murdaugh, in the tie, is demonstrating Duke's new Kolff twin coil artificial kidney machine for a physician from eastern North Carolina back in 1957-58. Invented by Willem Kolff, MD, of the Netherlands, this kidney machine was one of only about a dozen in use in the world at the time. Dr. Stead told me to get a committee of three and set up a kidney program. So, we ordered a machine. It was only the 13th one they had sold. The committee of three consisted of Ernst Peschel, MD, Henry D. MacIntosh, then a medical resident, and Murdaugh. Kidney dialysis was new and still quite controversial at the time. The machine came unassembled and consisted of 2 coils of plastic tubing and fiberglass filters. It took 10 people in the room to dialyze a patient. The chemicals had to be weighed out by hand and the bath water changed. The pump we used came from the local hardware store and it was always breaking. --Description provided by Dr. Victor Murdaugh, 2009.
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