Civilian Public Service worker Robert Blake as a medical illustrator

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  • A professional artist prior to his arrival at Duke University as a conscientious worker during Word War II, Blake spent only three months in the operating room before his talent was utilized as a medical artist in the illustration department of Duke Hospital (later known as the School of Medicine's division of Medical Art and Illustration). Blake made movies, charts, diagrams, lantern slides and drawings for teaching purposes and also for illustrating medical books and research publications. On the wall to the right of Blake's head are watercolor paintings of his wife, a nurse at Duke Hospital, and of Duke Chapel. On October 27, 1942, Civilian Public Service (C.P.S.) Camp No. 61 was authorized as Duke Hospital under the direction of the department of neuropsychiatry. Under the program, conscientious objectors, known as C.P.S. workers, were assigned to assist in charting, keeping patient records, and clinical laboratory work. The medical illustration department of Duke Hospital was established in 1935 and was responsible for the coordination of pamphlets, charts, illustrations, and photographs used in many Duke University and Duke University Medical Center publications.
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