Merel H. Harmel Oral History Interview, 1995

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  • This oral history interview was conducted with Dr. Merel H. Harmel on April 24, 1995 by Dr. James Gifford. It is included in the Dr. David Sabiston Oral History Project. During the interview, Harmel discusses his personal background and how he chose a career in anesthesiology; the development of anesthesiology departments, Harmel's involvement in the creation of numerous anesthesiology departments, and his involvement in the Department of Anesthesiology at Duke; his relationship with Sabiston, Sabiston's reputation, how Sabiston came to Duke, Harmel's perspective on how Sabiston developed and influenced the Department of Surgery, and his successes at securing NIH funding; Harmel's goals for the Department of Anesthesiology when first came to Duke and built a residency program; and how closely surgeons and anesthesiologists work together.
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