Michelle Winn Oral History Interview, 2010

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  • In this interview, Winn discusses her residency at Duke; the difficulty of choosing a specialty; her initial perception of nephrology as difficult; her enjoyment of nephrology; difficult cases; how the Department of Medicine has changed since 1992; intensity of hours as a resident; mentors; Dr. Laura Svetkey; her own mentorship of students; Minority Recruitment and Retention Committee; focus of the committee; reputation of Duke University School of Medicine of being hard on its residents; current standards for residents; her research with hereditary focal segmental glomerulosclerosis [FSGS]; the background of this research at Duke; the findings of her research; TRPC6 and the causes of FSGS; treatment possibilities for FSGS; her lab’s studies on patients without TRPC6; MD as researcher; other responsibilities; being a female in medicine; expecting people to treat her equally; and the influence of her family.
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