Correspondence from Dr. D. Robert Howard, Duke University to Dr. Ira L. Myers, Alabama Board of Medical Examiners Physician regarding nomenclature and the use of the terms "physician's assistant" and physician's associate, November 3, 1971.

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  • Letter from D. Robert Howard, Director Duke University PA program, to Ira Myers, Secretary of the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners, concerning the nomenclature and the use of the terms "physician's assistant" and "physician's associate". Howard describes evolution of nomenclature used for PAs and why it was necessary to use term associate to distinguish "Type A assistants" from other less qualified assistants. He mentions the formation of the American Registry of Physician's Associates to "provide a mechanism for accrediting Type A PA programs and register those who have either graduated from Type A programs or those, who, by education and experience, are able to function in this capacity." He mentions the AMA's stance opposing the term associate and recent article in JAMA about nomenclature.
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