Accreditation Inquiries - Association of Physician Assistant Programs, January 1973 - Correspondence: Sadler and Proffitt

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  • In his memorandum to member programs of the APAP, Dr. Alfred M. Sadler attaches a letter from Dr. John R. Proffitt, Director, Accreditation and Institutional Eligibility Staff, Bureau of Higher Education, DHEW, in response to his December 4, 1972 letter to Dr. Marland. Dr. Proffitt notes that his office decided to "defer consideration of the [AMA's] Council's request" -- "to expand its scope of recognition to include accreditation of educational programs for the assistant to the primary care physician" -- until further study could be completed. Dr. Proffitt indicates that he will call a meeting of representative of "your organization", the American Academy of Physicians' Associates, the Association of American Medical Colleges, the American Medical Association and other appropriate groups." This meeting was held March 1, 1973.
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