The Physician and His Associates in Health

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  • This draft paper was authored by Dr. William DeMaria, Assistant Dean, Duke University Medical School. Dr. DeMaria chaired a Subcommittee on the Physician and His Associates in Health for the Bureau of Health Services, DHEW in 1968. Since the paper shares the same title as the subcommittee, it may be related to the subcommittee's work. Dr. DeMaria writes that he "is concerned that the creation of a male physician's assistant who is part nurse and part doctor would split the doctor-nurse relationship which we cannot afford at this time in history." Also, he does not believe that a "highly motivated male in our competitive society working as a subservient assistant under a male physician could open a Pandora's box of problems." He advocates instead of training males to be PAs they should be trained as "Admino-Techs" [administration technicians] working along side the physician and nurse (with expanded clinical training as a physician's health associate] to render health care. The admino-tech would assist more with the treatment of patients needing high technology diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
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