Physician's assistant: new help for the sick

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  • This one page article with photo of Duke University physician's assistants in training appeared in the US News & World Report on September 8, 1969. The article begins "You may one day find your doctor less harried, able to give you more time. This is one aim of a drive to train aides of a new type. Their job: routine work that now swamps doctors." The article states that most candidates for training come from the armed forces and that 17 had graduated the Duke program with eleven to graduate soon. Dr. Harvey Estes outlines the typical day of a PA in practice. Dr. Richard Smith indicated that some PAs were having credits accepted by academic institutions and Dr. Estes pointed out that some would most likely go on to become MDs. Estes also noted that the concept was gaining momentum with "Federal and State officials beginning to support the idea."
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  • Physician Assistant Program Records
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