Care for Children and Youth: Today and in the Seventies - Correspondence: Arena to Scurletis

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  • In his May 28, 1968 letter, Dr. Theodore Scurletis, North Carolina State Board of Health, asked Dr. Jay Arena, Professor of Pediatrics, Duke University, to review a paper that he has drafted to present on June 6. Dr. Arena responds "Your comments are timely and need to be made over and over again." The attached draft paper describes the need for pediatric nurse practitioners or pediatric assistants as being proposed at Bowman Gray School of Medicine. In turn, Dr. Arena sends Dr. Scurletis a one page proposal that he had sent to Dr. Harvey Estes about use of physician assistants in pediatrics. The proposal dated April 1968, calls for the training of Aides (1 yr), Assistants (2 yrs) and Associates (3 years). He insist that these programs should "enable people in one medical field with talents and interest to progress to a more stimulating and higher, better paying specialty."
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