Correspondence from Freeman to Stead and Stead to Freeman regarding starting Physician's Assistant Training Program at Duke University - Correspondence: Freeman to Stead and Stead to Freeman

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  • Dr. Ruth Freeman, Johns Hopkins University, School of Hygiene and Public Health writes Dr. Eugene Stead, Jr. a letter dated October 13, 1964 responding to Dr. Stead's recent visit and paper describing his ideas about training physician's assistants. Dr. Freeman says that she would "be very interested in knowing why you feel the physician's assistant should be male." She feels that this conflicts with Dr. Stead's express desire that physician assistant training "might be an upward channel for nurses." In his reply dated October 20, 1964, Dr. Stead thanks Dr. Freeman for her thoughtful comments and says that he thinks that "the problem in nursing lies in the fact that we have not produced many professional [clinical] nurses, nor do we seem likely to do so in the future. I would like to leave them an unconstructive line of development, but would not like to [be] paralyzed by their ability to reproduce their kind in large quantity." His failed attempts at educating nurse clinician in the late 1950s is apparent and he is ready to pursue another source of trainees, i.e., ex-military corpsmen.
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